MyRewards Frequently Asked Questions

Transition from Power Pass to MyRewards

How is MyRewards different from Power Pass?

MyRewards is our brand new loyalty program, taking the place of Power Pass. Here are the key differences:

Earning points: With our new app, MyRewards Guam, you can easily earn points and keep track of your point balance.

Redeeming points: MyRewards offers a wide range of rewards in our catalog, including free items, fuel discounts, and in-store item discounts.

Club Rewards: As a MyRewards member, you’ll get to enjoy Club Rewards. This exciting feature enhances your visits with special benefits on items you already love, such as the Coffee Club, Polar Pop Club, Hot Dog Club, and more!

Exclusive offers: Being a MyRewards member grants you access to exclusive promotions and discounts on select items.

Why did the program change?

We have redesigned our program, MyRewards, with the aim of providing you with a much more seamless experience to earn points, redeem rewards, and enjoy added value during each of your visits.

If I’m a Power Pass member, do I need to enroll in MyRewards?

Yes, absolutely! Every member is starting fresh with our MyRewards program. Enrollment in the MyRewards program is completely free. Join MyRewards now to start saving on fuel and earning points. For the best experience, we highly recommend downloading our app.

What will happen to my current points and rewards that I earned under the Power Pass program?

We truly appreciate the points and rewards you’ve accumulated through Power Pass. However, we regret to inform you that these points and rewards will not be transferred to MyRewards.
We understand that this news may be disappointing, but please rest assured that this decision was taken to provide you with an even more rewarding experience under MyRewards.

For any Power Pass rewards that you haven’t yet printed, we recommend doing so from the Power Pass card readers and redeeming them before the expiration date listed on each reward.

As for Fuel & Store Points, the last day to redeem them is September 1, 2024. To ensure you can redeem your points, we highly recommend saving your Power Pass ID number.

While we understand the transition might be bittersweet, we are confident that MyRewards will offer you exciting new benefits and opportunities to earn and enjoy rewards. Thank you for being a valued member, and we look forward to having you on board with MyRewards!

How do I redeem my Power Pass points?

To redeem your Power Pass points, just fill out a Power Pass Redemption Form at any participating 76 Circle K location. You can exchange your points for Circle K Fuel & Merchandise gift cards. Once your prize is ready for pick-up, we’ll notify you via phone.

For easy redemption, it’s important to save your Power Pass ID number. Please note that you can only redeem points if your Power Pass account was active by September 1, 2023. Don’t miss out on claiming your rewards!

Where do I find my Power Pass ID number?

circle-k-powerpassSwipe your Power Pass tag at our in-store card readers to print out your Point Status receipt. Your Power Pass ID number starts with “C.”

We highly recommend saving your Power Pass ID number in a secure place to ensure you can easily redeem your points. However, we do not recommend keeping the receipts, as they tend to fade over time.

How do I know if my Power Pass account is active?

As of April 15, 2021, Power Pass accounts that remain inactive for a period of 3 months or more will be automatically deactivated, resulting in the forfeiture of accumulated points. It’s important to note that points are non-transferable and hold no cash value.

If you haven’t utilized your Power Pass in more than 3 consecutive months, it’s likely that your account has been deactivated, and as a result, you won’t be able to earn or redeem points.

How to Join and Use MyRewards

What is MyRewards?

MyRewards is our customer loyalty program that rewards you for every purchase at 76 Circle K. Earn points with each transaction, which can be redeemed for a variety of enticing rewards from our catalog. These rewards include free items, merchandise discounts, fuel savings, and more!Designed to show our appreciation for your continued loyalty, MyRewards offers exclusive offers, discounts, and rewards to its members. Accumulate points from both fuel and store purchases and redeem them for exciting perks like free items and discounts on fuel and merchandise.

MyRewards transforms your shopping experience into an opportunity to earn and enjoy rewards, making it the ultimate way to be rewarded for your loyalty. Join now and fuel your savings!

I like the sound of this! How do I sign up for MyRewards?

We recommend downloading our MyRewards Guam app for the best rewards experience.
• Apple users: Download the MyRewards app
• Android users: Download the MyRewards app

Do I need a smartphone to participate?

Yes and no. While our mobile app provides the optimal MyRewards experience, we also offer MyRewards cards for our manåmko’ and anyone who prefers using a card instead of a phone.If you prefer a card, simply request one at the counter of any participating 76 Circle K. However, MyRewards cardholders must register their information through our app or website to track and redeem rewards. Registration is a necessary step for redeeming rewards.

How do I use MyRewards when paying at the pump?

Using MyRewards while paying at the pump with your credit card is simple. Just insert your credit card to activate the pump. Once activated, enter your Alt-ID, which is the phone number registered on your account. Ensure you enter your phone number BEFORE fueling to earn points seamlessly.

How do I use MyRewards when paying at the counter?

If you have the MyRewards app:
1. Login to the MyRewards app on your phone.
2. Tap the barcode symbol in the upper right corner.
3. Scan your barcode at the beginning of your transaction.

If you’re using a MyRewards card:
1. Simply scan the barcode at the back of your card.
2. Do this at the beginning of your transaction.

I’m having issues scanning my phone/MyRewards card.

If using the app:
• Try turning up the brightness on your screen.

If using the card:
• If your card’s barcode doesn’t scan or is damaged, our Customer Service Representative can manually enter your code.

Enjoy a hassle-free checkout experience with MyRewards!

How to Earn Points

How do I earn points?
  • Earning points is simple and easy. As a member, you’ll earn points for every eligible, whether it’s fueling up your car or making purchases at our stores. Here’s a breakdown of how you can earn points:• 1 point for every $1 spent on Circle K store merchandise
    • 1 point for every gallon regular fuel
    • 2 points for every gallon of mid-grade and premium fuelTo earn points, all you need to do is scan your barcode from our convenient MyRewards app or use your MyRewards card at the register during checkout. It’s that easy!Redeem your points for exciting rewards such as free items, fuel discounts, and more, all available in our Reward Catalog accessible through the app. Please note that some merchandise may be excluded. For more details, check out our full program terms here.
How many points can I have? Do my points expire?

Earn unlimited points! Points expire after 12 months on a revolving basis. This means older points expire first if not redeemed after 12 months. Newer points only expire after older points have been used or lost.

Where can I keep track of my Point Balance?

You can easily track your points by using the MyRewards Guam app. It may take up to 24 hours for your points to process and appear in your Points Balance.

Which purchases can I NOT earn points on?

Please note that the following purchases are NOT eligible for points:

• Diesel fuel
• Fuel gift cards
• Fuel & merchandise gift cards
• Club reward items
• Third-party purchases (i.e., event tickets)
• Rewards, discounts, and refunds
• MCB/SPPC Fleet Card transactions

Can I earn points at any 76 Circle K location?

You can earn points at all participating 76 Circle K Guam locations: Agat, Airport, Anigua, Barrigada, Cabras, Dededo, Fountain Plaza, Malojloj, Ocean Vista, Piti, Sinajana, Sun Plaza and Ypao.

Can I earn points multiple times a day?

Yes, there is no limit to how many points you can earn per day.

If I’m using a reward, a discount, or another offer, will I still earn points?

Absolutely! When you redeem a reward, you’ll still earn points on all the OTHER items included in your purchase. However, please note that you CANNOT earn points on specific purchases, such as diesel fuel, fuel gift cards, fuel & merchandise gift cards, club reward items, third-party purchases (i.e., event tickets), rewards, discounts, refunds, as well as MCB/SPPC Fleet Card transactions.

Why doesn’t my point total match my purchase total?

If you purchased any of the following items, please be aware that they are NOT eligible for earning points:

• Diesel fuel
• Fuel gift cards
• Fuel & merchandise gift cards
• Club reward items
• Third-party purchases (i.e. event tickets)
• Rewards, discounts, and refunds
• MCB/SPPC Fleet Card transactions

Hence, your point total may differ from your purchase total due to these exclusions.

Can I combine two accounts? Can I transfer my points to a different account?

At this time, we only allow one MyRewards account per member. Regrettably, it is NOT possible to transfer points or merge accounts.

How to Redeem Rewards

What can I redeem my points for?

Your points can be redeemed for a variety of exciting rewards, including free items and fuel discounts. Simply head to our app’s Reward Catalog to explore the available options and start redeeming your points.

How can I redeem my points?

MyRewards members can easily convert their points into rewards using the MyRewards Guam app. Simply select the “Redeem” button once you’ve accumulated enough points. Once confirmed, your chosen reward will be added to your Reward Balance, where it will be ready for redemption at the store. When you’re at the store, just pick up the reward you selected on your way to the counter, and scan your barcode to claim your well-deserved reward.

Do my rewards expire?

Rewards are valid until the end of the current month, plus one more month. Some rewards have different expiration dates, so please check the reward description for details. All rewards are subject to availability and may only be available for certain dates and locations.

I selected the wrong item in the Reward Catalog. Can I get my points back?

Once you’ve selected and redeemed points for a specific reward, unfortunately, we cannot return the points. Therefore, it’s essential to make your selection wisely. Once you’ve redeemed points for a reward, that reward is yours to keep, and we are unable to exchange it for a different one.

Can I use more than one reward in one purchase?

Absolutely! You have the flexibility to redeem and use multiple rewards in a single purchase, maximizing the value of your MyRewards benefits.


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