MyRewards Program Terms & Conditions

  1. South Pacific Petroleum Corporation (“SPPC”) is the only owner of the MyRewards Program (“Program”). Any individual(s) accepted into the Program must first have SPPC’s approval. The following terms and conditions shall apply to any such person (“Member”) whose participation in the Program has been approved by SPPC. The Program shall only be valid at participating 76 Circle K gas stations & stores (Stores) located in Guam, USA.
  2. As used in these terms & conditions, the following definitions apply: “Member,” refer to any person who holds a valid MyRewards account. “Account” refers to a Member’s MyRewards account, which is created to keep record of points earned, redeemed, and credited. “App” refers to the MyRewards Guam mobile app the Member can use to create and manage their Account. “Card” refers to a MyRewards Card. “Barcode” refers to a MyRewards Member’s barcode.
  3. Any person wishing to become a Member must create an Account on the App. SPPC will also provide a Card at no cost. Those seeking the Program must be 16 years of age or older.
  4. By creating an Account and using the Program, the Member acknowledges and agrees to the terms and conditions stated herein. These terms and conditions, subject to periodic updates, will always apply to the use of the Program.
  5. Each Member is allowed only one Account and one Card. An Account is non-transferable. The Card is not a credit card or charge card and is non-transferable.
  6. SPPC shall not be liable for such claims, demands, liabilities, or actions arising out of or in connection with the Program or the use of the App or Card.
  7. The Card is the property of SPPC and must be surrendered to SPPC immediately upon request. In its sole discretion, SPPC has the right to revoke any Account, any Card, or the Program at any time without prior notice or reason.
  8. SPPC will not be liable for any errors resulting from computer hardware, software errors, or fraud.
  9. SPPC reserves the right to prohibit any Member from participating in the Program. SPPC, in its sole discretion, may suspend or cancel participation in the Program and declare all rewards forfeited if a Member is suspected of, or has committed, fraud or a violation of the Program Terms & Conditions. Unauthorized transactions will not earn points.
  10. Guam law shall govern the Program and its terms and conditions, including any changes SPPC may make from time to time. Both the Member and SPPC hereby consent to the sole and exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Guam.
  11. It is the Member’s obligation to stay informed of the latest MyRewards Terms & Conditions. If we do make any changes to this MyRewards Terms & Conditions, we will post an updated copy at www.76circlekguam/terms.
  12. If a Member has any questions or concerns regarding the MyRewards program, SPPC encourages the Member to call MyRewards Customer Service at 671-588-7676 or email at Support hours are open Monday to Friday, 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM. SPPC is closed on weekends and holiday.
  13. To earn points, the Member must present their Barcode, Card, or provide the phone number on the Account, prior to the purchase of such items SPPC designates, from time to time in its discretion (“Eligible Purchases”). Without a valid Account, points cannot be earned. Points not collected at the time of purchase will not be credited.
  14. The Member is prohibited from using the Program with any other loyalty program, SPPC Fleet Cards, or any newly introduced promotional offers, unless SPPC specifies otherwise.
  15. In case valid Eligible Purchases are completed but not recorded, the Member needs to offer the receipt as evidence of the purchase to receive Points for those Eligible Purchases. SPPC reserves the right to decide whether to accept or decline such evidence at its discretion.
  16. Members earn 1 point for every $1 of Net Purchases, 1 point for every gallon of regular fuel purchased, 2 points for every gallon of mid-grade fuel and premium fuel purchased, and 0 points for every gallon of diesel fuel purchased at 76 Circle K.
  17. “Net purchases” means the sum of your Eligible Purchases minus returns, refunds, discounts, and any items SPPC deems ineligible to earn points.
  18. SPPC reserves the right to amend the types of purchases that qualify to earn points without notice.
  19. Points cannot be earned until an Account has been created. Only accounts enrolled in the Program will qualify to earn points. Members cannot earn points from purchases prior to the creating their Account.
  20. Points are not transferable between Accounts.
  21. Points will not be accumulated for the following purchases: Club Reward items: Circle K Coffee, Polar Pop, Nathan’s Famous Regular Hotdog, Diamond Car Wash, Bagged Ice Circle K Bottled Water Case, M&M Milk Chocolate, M&M Peanut, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, energy drinks, 12-pack beers, Kendall Jackson wines, and premium cigarettes, and another other Club Rewards items listed in the App. Also included but not limited to: diesel fuel, fuel gift cards, fuel & merchandise gift cards, rewards, discounts, refunds, third-party purchases (i.e., event tickets) as well as purchases made with MCB cards and SPPC Fleet Cards.
  22. There’s no limit to the points a Member can earn. Points expire after 12 months on a revolving basis. This means older points expire first if not redeemed after 12 months. Newer points only expire after older points have been used or lost.
  23. SPPC reserves the right to define, modify, or alter, at any given time, the nature or value of Elligible Purchases and the correlated points to be given, without prior notice or reason. SPPC also reserves the right to apply limitations on how often and/or how much the Account can be used, as well as the number of points that can be collected on the Account within a single day, week, month, or other timeframes that SPPC deems suitable, regardless of the type or value of Elligible Purchases made.
  24. Points are the property of South Pacific Petroleum Corporation. They hold no cash value and cannot be purchased, sold, transferred, bartered, or assigned in any way. If points are forfeited or an Account is terminated for any reason, the member is not entitled to compensation from SPPC.
  25. If an account is closed by SPPC, the points are forfeited and no longer eligible for redemption. If you choose to close your account, be sure to redeem points at the time of closure to avoid losing earned rewards. For account closure, please call 671-588-7676.
  26. To redeem rewards, the Member must present their Barcode, Card, or provide the phone number on the Account, prior to the redemption of such items SPPC designates as a reward. Without a valid Account, rewards cannot be redeemed.
  27. The Member may refer to the App to find out the items offered for redemption. This information is for reference purposes only and shouldn’t be seen as making any promise about their availability. Additionally, SPPC doesn’t provide any assurance or guarantee about the products and services showcased in the App. SPPC also doesn’t guarantee the quality of the rewards for specific purposes. If the rewards are covered by a manufacturer’s warranty, any conflicts or claims should be addressed directly to the relevant manufacturers.
  28. Only the Member can redeem rewards. SPPC reserves the right to determine Account eligibility. SPPC reserves the right to verify the identity of the Member before allowing reward redemption. Fake names on the Account will invalidate any reward redemptions.
  29. To redeem points, the Account must be open and active. Points cannot be earned or redeemed on closed or inactive accounts.
  30. Rewards may be redeemed at any 76 Circle K location, unless otherwise specified.
  31. Upon redemption of a reward, the Member’s points recorded in their account will be deducted by the corresponding number of points in accordance with the amount listed in the App. Points accumulated earliest shall be deducted first.
  32. The reward requested by the Member may have specific conditions, restrictions, limitations, and/or terms. SPPC reserves the right to offer substitute rewards of equivalent or comparable value without notice.
  33. All rewards are subject to availability and on a first-come-first-served basis, and specific rewards may only be available for certain dates and locations.
  34. Once points have been used for a reward, the reward will expire after the current month it was issued, plus 1 month. For instance, if you redeemed a reward from the catalog on November 8, it will expire on December 31. Most rewards follow this format, but some rewards might have different expiration dates. Please read the individual deal or reward detail screen for more information.
  35. Once rewards are confirmed to be redeemed in the App, they cannot be reversed, swapped, returned, refunded, or combined with other promotional coupons or offers. There will be no reinstatement of deducted points to the Member’s Account under any circumstances.
  36. SPPC has the authority to determine, at its complete discretion, the rewards available at the Stores. These rewards will be detailed in the App and are subject to the terms and conditions stated therein.
  37. SPPC is not responsible for any loss of life, injury, significant loss, or any form of damage that may result from the redemption, supply, or utilization of the rewards, or from the loss, theft, or destruction of the rewards. Any such claims should be directed to the relevant manufacturers or suppliers.
  38. SPPC reserves the right to deduct points from the Member’s Account, decline redemption of any rewards, or take be redeemed Reward under the following circumstances:
    • Points believed to have been fraudulently obtained or recorded
    • Points inaccurately transacted
    • Points derived from transactions that have been canceled, voided, refunded, or reversed
  39. SPPC reserves the right to determine and modify, without any prior notice or reason and from time to time, the following:
    • The rewards provided within the Program, as mentioned in the App or any other materials created by SPPC.
    • The amount of eligible points necessary for redeeming rewards.
  40. The Member acknowledges that SPPC may occasionally modify, add, or revise the terms and conditions outlined here without prior notification to the Member. If the member disagrees with such changes, additions, and/or amendments, they must close their account through the App and if available, return their Card to SPPC within 7 business days from the date of such changes. Failure to do this, it will be assumed that the Member accepts the modified, added, and/or amended terms and conditions.Limitation of Responsibility
  41. The Member agrees to take necessary precautions and security steps to guarantee the proper and legitimate usage of the App and Card to prevent loss.
  42. SPPC, unless engaged in deliberate misconduct, along with its employees and representatives, will not be accountable for any loss or damage incurred by the Member resulting from or linked to the App or Card use.
  43. SPPC will not be responsible for loss of access to the App, Account and lost, stolen, or damaged Cards, or for unredeemed points. Lost, damaged or defective Cards must be immediately reported to the MyRewards Customer Service at 671-588-7676. If a card is lost, SPPC may at its discretion issue a replacement Card at a cost of $3.00, along with any delivery charges incurred shall be charged to the Member.
  44. SPPC will not be held accountable for the loss of accrued points or any loss or damage sustained due to machine malfunctions, defects, or the inability to retrieve information or data from the computer system, regardless of the cause.
  45. SPPC will not assume any responsibility for errors, delays, losses, or damages that might result, either directly or indirectly, from breakdowns, machinery or processor failures, industry disputes, acts of war, natural disasters, system malfunctions, or any circumstances beyond the control of SPPC.
  46. SPPC will not be held accountable for any loss or damage sustained by the member due to the following circumstances:
    • Any delay or inability to replace the Card
    • Loss, theft, or damage to rewards
    • A rewards supplier’s failure to comply with the agreed-upon terms and conditions for providing Rewards
    • Any statements, communications, or implications stemming from the revocation, suspension, or restriction of Account usage
    • Failing to inform the member about changes in terms and conditions, the App, Elligible Purchases, and points earned for such purchases.
  47. Any claims or disagreements connected to the Program or Account usage should be directly addressed to SPPC. SPPC’s verdict in such matters will be considered definitive and mandatory for the Member. SPPC’s documented records concerning Program matters will be conclusive and binding to the Member.
  48. A Member may terminate their membership by closing their Account through the App or returning their Card, to SPPC. SPPC is not responsible for any unredeemed points which shall be forfeited upon termination by Member.
  49. Engaging in any misuse or fraudulent activity related to points within the Program or the redemption of rewards will lead to the termination of the Member’s membership in the Program. This includes the nullification of the Account, revocation of points, and retrieval of redeemed rewards (or appropriate compensation as an alternative).
  50. SPPC reserves the right to discontinue or conclude the Program at any time, without needing to provide a reason. In the event of such termination, the Member will have, as specified by SPPC in the notice, to redeem their accrued points for available rewards. After this notice period ends, any remaining points in the Member’s Account will become null and void. SPPC will have no responsibilities or obligations regarding these points, whether for compensation or any other reason, and the Member won’t have any further claims against SPPC.


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