1. Who is South Pacific Petroleum Corporation?

South Pacific Petroleum Corporation (SPPC) purchased the assets of Exxon Guam in December 2000. SPPC operates 10 retail service stations under the licensed name 76 and Circle K. SPPC also owns SPGas, the island’s largest supplier of LP gas. SPPC is a proud family of over 140 local employees and growing.


2. How is SPPC affiliated with the 76 and Circle K brands?

SPPC is the licensee of the 76 fuel and lube brands which are owned by ConocoPhillips Corporation. SPPC is also the franchisee of the Circle K brand which is owned by Alimentation Couche-Tard.


3. Is this an off-island company with profits going off-island?

SPPC is a local company with the majority of its board members residing on Guam. SPPC’s management has made a commitment to grow the company as a community oriented company, reinvesting its profits back into the community.


4. What are SPPC’s long term plans?

Are they willing to invest and grow with the community? SPPC is committed to grow the company as a community-oriented company. Learn more about SPPC’s involvement in the community.